peasant-rice-fields-rice-crops-colombia-50715WWOOFing, which stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for individuals to travel and see the world. WWOOFing works by providing volunteer opportunities to individuals in certain countries and cities. The volunteers work on the organic farm in exchange for food and board. This provides the traveler with a low-cost opportunity to see a new country and gives the farm low-cost labor.


pexels-photo-128926How Does WWOOFing Work?

With the help of the Federation of WWOOF Organisations, or FoWO, individuals looking for volunteer opportunities and farmers looking for volunteers can connect and work out a traveling deal. FoWO provides support to volunteers and farmers to ensure safety and legitimacy to the exchange.

In exchange for living in the farmer’s home or other housing accommodations provided by the farmer, the volunteer will provide a few hours of work on the farm. Work can include everything from gardening and weeding to feeding or milking the animals. It may also include tasks like making bread, cheese, or wine.

The length of the stay is determined in the communication between the farmer and volunteer before the trip begins, but can usually be as short or as long as the volunteer wants. The volunteer may choose to stay for only a few days or might even commit to a few months, but in most cases, the trip is only a few weeks.

pexels-photo-160188Where Can Volunteers WWOOF?

There are various opportunities to WWOOF all around the world. Regardless of the country you are hoping to visit, you can probably find a WWOOFing opportunity that fits your needs.

African countries include places like Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and South Africa. In the Americas, volunteers can provide WWOOFing opportunities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica, just to name a few. For someone looking for a WWOOFing opportunity in Asia-Pacific, volunteers can visit Australia, China, New Zealand, Thailand, or Korea. There are also WWOOFing opportunities all over Europe, including in countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy.


Many people dream of traveling the world, but not everyone has the funds to take off to the country of their choice for a few weeks or months at a time. With WWOOF, volunteers can travel the countries they have always dreamed of without much cost. Because they exchange work for room and board, travelers do not need to pay for hostels, hotels, or meals.

WWOOF can also provide a great opportunity to meet new people. On many farms, there will be a number of volunteers. Because WWOOFing farmers come from all over the world, volunteers can engage with individuals of a different culture while exploring an area entirely new to them.

WWOOFing is not for everyone, but it can be for individuals willing to work while they travel. For anyone looking for a new experience, WWOOF can provide a low-commitment and low-cost opportunity to get away from home and see something new.

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