How to Choose a Kid’s Action Camera

pexels-photo-129426As photographs become the norm for recording events, it is becoming necessary for parents to own action cameras to snap the clearest shots of their children as they experience life events. To choose the perfect action camera for the set of circumstances, though, can be much more difficult. It is best suggested that before purchasing, or even searching for, an action camera, one should make a list of what is needed and wanted for this specific action camera. Examples of these variables can be, but are not limited to: durability, waterproof case or equipment, mounts, size, price, memory, and record time.

pexels-photo-62420After making this list, it begins to be much easier to narrow down the search. To make things a step easier, provided is a list of top action cameras for kids.

Top Rated Kid’s Action Cameras

Six top rated kid’s action cameras include:

  • The VTech Kidizoom Camera
    For anyone searching for a high performance durable action camera, this option works well. In addition, this camera has the feature of fun filters and frames while having a long-life rechargeable battery.
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instand Film Camera
    Opposed to most action cameras, this one provides users with an instant photo rather than digital. Children will be able to enjoy various types of film and get instant gratification.
  • Lego 8MP Digital Camera
    One of the most unique options out there, this camera is built out of real Legos. This camera also produces high quality shots and has the feature of a built-in flash.
  • Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera
    This camera, with its small size and large buttons, is built perfectly for a child. With two-eye viewing and downloadable editing software, this camera is a fun option for kids.
  • The 5 in 1 Kids Digital Camera
    A great choice for durability, this camera also comes with fun bonus features, such as video games, editing effects, and an expandable SD storage slot.
  • Playskool Showcam 2 in 1 Digital Camera and Projector
    Fun pictures and additional editing effects are just the start to this action camera. This camera comes with the ability to project images so kids can show off all of their coolest shots.
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