About Me

pexels-photo-70737Young love. Romance. It’s the most special time in a couple’s life. It’s a time to shut the rest of the world out and focus on each other. Have you wondered what things you can plan to show your significant other how special they are? Are you looking for the most romantic restaurants? Have you found a private beach where you can walk hand in hand and there is no one in sight for miles and miles?

Kelly Cook’s boyfriend, Sam, was a master at planning romantic settings that made her feel feminine and special. There was the time they drew each other’s portraits at the botanical gardens. Neither drawing was very good, but the time they spent doing that activity was amazing.

Sam could not afford to take Kelly on expensive dates most of the time, but he sure knew all of the little things to do that made her feel like the only girl in the world.

Love doesn’t have to cost anything. This blog is about love and simple ways to show it without breaking the bank. It’s about walks in the park, soft glances towards each other, and writing your names in the sand.

It’s also about discovering each other’s favorite childhood games and the kinds of entertainment each of you enjoys. It’s about finding that happy medium that falls between what you like to do, what he likes to do, and what those special and unique things that you enjoy doing together. It’s about entertainment for people who love each other.