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Romance is in the air!

person-couple-love-romanticThe most special relationship of all is to spend time with someone you love. Part of what makes those relationships enjoyable is finding entertaining ways to begin building memories.

You’ve all been on that date—the one that was so carefully planned out and you expected it to be perfect. In the end it turned out to be a flop and you were left wondering where in the world it all went wrong.

Romantic entertaining can be a little bit challenging because each person enjoys and appreciates different things. Roses are nice, but orchids are more romantic when they’re your partner’s favorite flower. Dinners at the most expensive seafood restaurant are special, unless one partner isn’t that crazy about seafood. The key to planning date-night entertainment that creates lasting, romantic memories is to discover the things that each person really appreciates. That takes communication.

This blog is intended to be a conversation starter for couples who are looking for special ways to celebrate their lives together. It’s a space for women to better understand the things they can do that really make their men feel special and for men to learn what kinds of things they can do that will send their girl racing to their girlfriends to share it.

pexels-photo-169215Romantic Entertaining: Doing What Your Partner Likes

Does one of you favor a particular type of cuisine? Is it Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or Mediterranean? Pick a few ethnic dishes and cook them up together. Set out the place mats and best dishes. Do some searching to find out what kinds of wines accompany your favorite dishes and try some of them. Schedule a date at a cooking school and learn to cook a meal from a professional chef.

Vacations don’t have to be expensive to be fun. Explore options for taking a scenic ride by train, or sail down the Mississippi River on a paddle boat, learning about history along the way. Spend a day at the racetrack or dog park and place a few bets.

Get some ideas on how to put your feelings into words like leaving sweet messages on a white board before you leave for work or taping a note onto the bathroom mirror telling  your partner to have a good day. Buy your partner’s favorite bag of chips or candy and leave it in a place where he or she will be sure to find it.

Head out to the local zoo and feed the animals. Take in some of the shows about birds, reptiles, or dolphins. Spend the day at a botanical garden, nature walk, museum, or art gallery.

Take some silly or serious candid photos along the way. Grab a couple of sketch pads and colored pencils and draw some flowers or silly pictures of the animals. Take a fun tour like a Segway tour, a boat tour, a restaurant tour, a ghost tour, or a tour about the mob.

The intent of this blog is to scroll through it together and start a conversation about things that each of you like and don’t like. It’s a place where you can discover things that you have in common with each other and have no connection to past relationships. It’s a place for entertaining ideas for this relationship to create memories that are fun and never flop!